Experiencing a black toenail can be a big inconvenience because it can prevent a person from walking properly. It can happen to any person but athletes are the ones who are more susceptible to it. Although it is definitely not fatal, it can be if it is not treated. If it is unattended, the toe might need to be amputated.

There are many reasons in which one may get darkened toenails. The discoloration of this part is actually mainly because of a clot of a large amount of blood in the area under the nail. Of course the main cause would be that a large amount of force was put on the toe.

Athletes are very prone to blood clotting because of the excess pressure that they put on their feet. When their toes brush hard against their sneakers when they make fast leg movements, it sometimes presses too hard and cause circulation problems. Of course another cause would be when something heavy would fall down on the toe of a person. This not only causes a clot but also a bruise and a wound.

Fungus may also be a big factor of discoloration. When fungi grows inside the toenail, then it can also stop the blood circulation of that area. It might also cause wounds that will have infections.

Usually these discolorations will go away with time as long as they are not touched or aggravated. When the nail grows, the black part will also grow along with it and eventually disappear. However, if the pain is too much to handle, then an ice pack may be of use to reduce the swelling. Foot baths with warm water and Epsom salts can do wonders as well.

For problems that involve fungus, there are a lot of ways to treat it without visiting the doctor. To cure it right away, the best thing to do would be to use anti fungal medicine. For those who do not want to tamper with medication, they may also use mouthwash with active ingredients able to kill fungi and bacteria. If the problem becomes too severe, then the best advice would be to go see the doctor.

By knowing the causes, then one may prevent having a black toenail. However, there are cases in which some people cannot avoid having this problem. That is why there are a lot of home remedies that are proven to work so that one does not need to visit the doctor anymore.

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