Hypnosis Sherwood WI offers a service that can help you overcome bad habits such as eating disorders and cigarette smoking. This form of therapy offers the client a means in dealing with emotions such as anxiety, fear of heights and other extreme feelings such as those felt in cases of abuse. It is a form of therapy where a person is transported so to speak back into passed life experiences where he or she is allowed to relive a moment and with the aid of a therapist, reprogram that time in their lives in a more positive way.

Traumatic experiences such as rape cases or road accidents do leave emotional scarring. With time these thoughts and images do subside and are buried so to speak in the subconscious part of the brain. However, without our knowing it, emotional triggers make us relive these moments and can bring back those fears and anxieties we experienced in our passed as though we are experiencing them in our present day lives.

However certain factors in a the life of person in present day can illicit responses and feelings we experienced then. These are called emotional triggers and can be brought about through the senses of smell, touch, taste and sound. For example, olfactory triggers are brought about by a person smelling something that instantaneously reminds them of that time in their lives when the traumatic experience occurred.

How this works is that say someone was involved in a motor car accident during their early teenager years. This experience left them shocked and fearful. At that particular time in their lives whilst involved in an accident, there happened to be a strong smell of burning rubber from one of the wheels on the car that happened to catch on fire.

More serious experiences are buried deep in the subconscious mind of a person. Feelings of traumatic events are usually suppressed because of their intensity. It is only years later that thoughts, images and memories come to the fore. This is an indication that a person has not worked through those feelings and emotions of that particular time in their lives.

Initially he or she may not even realize the reasons as to why a sudden pang of fear overtakes them. The effects of this may last for days and sleeping peacefully at night can become a problem. Passed traumatic events if not dealt with can linger in the subconscious for years after the fact.

This is a common occurrence among people who have suffered trauma. Some may tell you that they can still smell the smells they smelled at the time of trauma and when they do, images return to their mind and they immediately feel pangs of panic and anxiety. Many seek help through other modalities of therapy such as treatments with psychologists and by taking stress relieving medication.

Hypnosis Sherwood WI and with the aid of a qualified hypnotherapist, you are taken back to the time of trauma under partial consciousness. You are able to speak whilst you are under hypnosis and are guided through a time in your life by being prompted verbally by the therapist. A hypnotherapist will help you alter those images and connected associations that you experienced at that particular time in your life.

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