Natural makeup products are better for a person’s skin. Conventional cosmetics tend to look artificial. They cake up, clog pores, and often look and feel heavy and uneven. All natural products compliment a women’s natural appearance without adding harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Many store shelves are filled with products that would never sell if women really knew what was in them. Mercury, lead, industrial chemicals and more do not sound like something anyone should be putting on their face or anywhere near their body for that matter.

Recently a study was conducted on women’s lipstick. Four hundred different brands were included in this study. The findings showed that most commercial lipstick included a significant amount of lead. According to the United States food and drug administration the lead levels fall into the category of “safe” amounts for human exposure. Many disagree. One mother in particular pointed to a situation involving her young daughter. After using an FDA approved children’s play makeup the child experienced an extreme reaction that required immediate medical treatment. The mother indicates that the young girl’s face had become swollen beyond recognition at three times its usual size. Safe use? Perhaps not…

The largest organ of the human body is the skin. Everything in a person’s environment has an effect on the skin, which is also absorbent. Certainly we have limited control over what is in the air, but surely have complete control of what we ingest and or apply to our bodies. Considering that anything absorbed into the skin enters the bloodstream, people should be very aware of what this stuff is.

Properly nourishing the skin is as important as nourishing the rest of the body. If poison ingested through the mouth is dangerous, then it makes sense that poison ingested or absorbed in any manner will also be dangerous. We are what we eat…

Perfumes, chemical dyes, preservatives and oils are commonly found in traditional cosmetics. For more than a few women this means they can expect breaks outs, hives, and eczema flare ups. None of this will make a woman feel or look more attractive. It also makes applying makeup even more complicated. This will cause some women to forgo wearing any makeup at all even if they would like to.

Natural makeup products have made it possible for all women regardless of their situation to look terrific, feel confident, and know that they are not risking their health.

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