Skin tanning is the process by which skin is made to attain a darker appearance than the normal one, called a tan. This can be done in a natural way by exposing oneself to the UV rays of the sun or using man-made products, which is called sunless tanning. Methods not involving the sun have become more widespread among many people after doctors discovered the role of UV in skin cancer.

One method of tanning skin from ultraviolet radiation is by basking in sunlight, in a leisure activity called sunbathing. This is most common and arguably most convenient way to get skin tanned. The effectiveness and speed of suntan can be enhanced by another phenomenon called windburn. Windburn is a process where wind removes a layer of skin that filters out UV rays leading to a more pronounced tanning.

The other way of getting a tan by ultraviolet means is achieving a suitable form of UV radiation using a device called a sunbed or a tanning bed. The device features fluorescent lamps with phosphor covers that emit rays similar to those of the sun. The most of the produced radiation is UV A but there is a tiny proportion of consisting of UV B. Lying in a tanning bed is almost like sunbathing.

Skin tanning can also be achieved without using the sun or any other source of UV radiation. This method is called sunless tanning or fake tanning. Chemicals of different kinds have been used to successfully cause skin to have a tan similar to that caused by the sun. The chemicals may be applied to the skin topically or orally.

Beta-carotene is a very useful mineral for making tanning products because the effect it delivers is more permanent and it guards skin against harmful UV rays. UV rays can cause sunburn which is unevenness in the tone of skin because of over-exposure. This mineral gets skin tanned better and safeguards against skin cancer caused by UV radiation.

Other types of products for fake skin tanning do exist and these are also pills but containing other compounds besides beta-carotene as main ingredients. None of the products is preferred to products containing beta-carotene, however. Many people also use temporary methods of achieving a tan such as powders and creams that can be washed off easily using water during a bath.

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