There are times when the nerves in your peripheral system are damaged and this is termed Detroit neuropathy Michigan. The central part of your nervous system includes the links to your brain and spinal cord. Your peripheral nervous system includes the area outside of the central nervous system.

The peripheral system is made up of three nerve categories. The categories each have their own job within your body. The muscles of your body are controlled by the motor nerves. The way you experience heat, cold or pain is controlled by the sensory nerves. Your blood pressure and bladder function is controlled by the automatic nerves.

The symptom that may be experienced when there is damage to the peripheral nerves includes muscle weakness. It may also include other symptoms such as tingling or numbness in the hands and feet, burning or shooting pain, or loss of co-ordination in the parts that are affected. There are affected persons who may experience a burning sensation in their skin. The skin will become extremely sensitive and may cause pain when you come into contact with towels or bedding.

The causes of Detroit neuropathy Michigan include viral or bacterial infections, nerve pressure, nerve trauma, vitamin deficiencies, tumors or other diseases such as kidney or liver disease. Diabetes is one of the most common causes of this condition.

To diagnose the condition, you may have to undergo some tests. The underlying cause related to the condition must be identified once a positive diagnosis has been obtained. To diagnose the condition you may have to undergo a nerve biopsy or a nerve conduction test. The biopsy is a minor surgical event where the surgeon will remove a test sample of a peripheral nerve from your leg. This is done to test the nerve and this condition causes the nerve’s shape to be physically altered.

When you undergo the nerve conduction test, your doctor will place small electrodes on your skin. The electrodes give off small electrical shocks that will stimulate your nerves. The speed and the strength of the signals through your nerves will be measured during this procedure. In cases where the signals are slow or weak, it will be an indication that you suffer from peripheral neuropathy.

The treatment options for the condition will look at the underlying reason for the problem and the pain symptoms. Nerve pain is called neuropathic pain in the medical world. Neuropathic pain does not usually have a good response to well-known painkillers. This forces your doctor to look for alternative painkillers which may cause side effects. This causes the process of finding a suitable treatment plan to be delayed until the correct medication can be found for your use. It may become necessary for you to use a combination of different medications to find the right mix.

If the Detroit neuropathy Michigan is caused by diabetes, you will be advised to make necessary changes to your lifestyle. This will help to control the diabetic symptoms and to prevent further damage to the nerves. The lifestyle changes may include regular exercise, regulating your weight, cutting down on alcohol consumption and giving up smoking.

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